Least Recently Used key function.

Parameters:x – (DataRecord)
Returns:(float), last access time of x.

Least Frequently Used key function.

Parameters:x – (DataRecord)
Returns:(int), access hit count of x.

Random key function.

Parameters:x – (DataRecord)
Returns:(int), 0.
class DataRecord(key, value, create_time=None, ttl_seconds=None)

Bases: object

An expirable and evictable data object which represents a cache entry.


Determines whether this record is expired or not.

Parameters:max_idle_seconds – (long), the maximum idle time of record, maximum time after the last access time.
Returns:(bool), true is this record is not expired.
class NearCache(serialization_service, in_memory_format, time_to_live_seconds, max_idle_seconds, invalidate_on_change, eviction_policy, eviction_max_size, eviction_sampling_count=None, eviction_sampling_pool_size=None)

Bases: dict

NearCache is a local cache used by MapFeatNearCache.

logger = <logging.Logger object>

Returns the statistics of the NearCache. :return: (Number, Number), evicted entry count and expired entry count.