class HazelcastCloudAddressProvider(host, url, connection_timeout, logger_extras=None)

Bases: object

Provides initial addresses for client to find and connect to a node.

logger = <logging.Logger object>

Loads member addresses from endpoint.

Returns:(Sequence), The possible member addresses to connect to.
class HazelcastCloudAddressTranslator(host, url, connection_timeout, logger_extras=None)

Bases: object

Resolves private IP addresses of service.

logger = <logging.Logger object>

Translates the given address to another address specific to network or service.

Parameters:address – (Address), private address to be translated
Returns:(Address), new address if given address is known, otherwise returns null

Refreshes the internal lookup table if necessary.

class HazelcastCloudDiscovery(host, url, connection_timeout)

Bases: object

Discovery service that discover nodes via<TOKEN>

CLOUD_URL_BASE_PROPERTY = <hazelcast.config.ClientProperty object>

Internal client property to change base url of cloud discovery endpoint. Used for testing cloud discovery.


Discovers nodes from

Returns:(dict), Dictionary that maps private addresses to public addresses.
static get_host_and_url(properties, cloud_token)

Helper method to get host and url that can be used in HTTPSConnection.

  • properties – Client config properties.
  • cloud_token – Cloud discovery token.

Host and URL pair