default_response_handler(future, codec, to_object)
class Proxy(client, service_name, name)

Bases: object

Provides basic functionality for Hazelcast Proxies.


Destroys this proxy.


(bool), true if this proxy is deleted successfully, false otherwise.


Returns a version of this proxy with only blocking method calls. :return: (Proxy), a version of this proxy with only blocking method calls.

class PartitionSpecificProxy(client, service_name, name)

Bases: hazelcast.proxy.base.Proxy

Provides basic functionality for Partition Specific Proxies.

class TransactionalProxy(name, transaction)

Bases: object

Provides an interface for all transactional distributed objects.

class ItemEvent(name, item_data, event_type, member, to_object)

Bases: object

Map Item event.

property item

The item related to the event.

class EntryEvent(to_object, key, old_value, value, merging_value, event_type, uuid, number_of_affected_entries)

Bases: object

Map Entry event.

property key

The key of this entry event.

property old_value

The old value of the entry event.

property value

The value of the entry event.

property merging_value

The incoming merging value of the entry event.

class TopicMessage(name, message_data, publish_time, member, to_object)

Bases: object

Topic message.

property message

The message sent to Topic.