Hazelcast Core objects

class Member(address, uuid, is_lite_member=False, attributes={})

Bases: object

Represents a member in the cluster with its address, uuid, lite member status and attributes.

class Address(host, port)

Bases: object

Represents an address of a member in the cluster.

class DistributedObjectInfo(name, service_name)

Bases: object

Represents name of the Distributed Object and the name of service which it belongs to.

class EntryView

Bases: object

EntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry.

key = None

The key of the entry.

value = None

The value of the entry.

cost = None

The cost in bytes of the entry.

creation_time = None

The creation time of the entry.

expiration_time = None

The expiration time of the entry.

hits = None

Number of hits of the entry.

last_access_time = None

The last access time for the entry.

last_stored_time = None

The last store time for the value.

last_update_time = None

The last time the value was updated.

version = None

The version of the entry.

eviction_criteria_number = None

The criteria number for eviction.

ttl = None

The last set time to live second.