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Connection retry config controls the period among connection establish retries and defines when the client should give up retrying. Supports exponential behaviour with jitter for wait periods.


  • ConnectionRetryConfig



Optional clusterConnectTimeoutMillis

clusterConnectTimeoutMillis: number

Defines timeout value in milliseconds for the client's connection attempts to a cluster. Must be non-negative unless it is set to -1. If set to -1, the client tries to connect to the cluster forever. If set to 0, the client won't try to connect anymore after the first attempt fails. By default, set to -1 (no timeout).

Optional initialBackoffMillis

initialBackoffMillis: number

Defines wait period in millisecond after the first failure before retrying. Must be non-negative. By default, set to 1000.

Optional jitter

jitter: number

Defines how much to randomize backoffs. At each iteration the calculated back-off is randomized via following method in pseudo-code Random(-jitter * current_backoff, jitter * current_backoff). Must be in range [0.0, 1.0]. By default, set to 0 (no randomization).

Optional maxBackoffMillis

maxBackoffMillis: number

Defines an upper bound for the backoff interval in milliseconds. Must be non-negative. By default, set to 30000 (30 seconds).

Optional multiplier

multiplier: number

Defines the factor with which to multiply backoff after a failed retry. Must be greater than or equal to 1. By default, set to 1.05.

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