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Configuration to be used by the client for the specified FlakeIdGenerator.


  • FlakeIdGeneratorConfig



prefetchCount?: number

Defines how many IDs are pre-fetched on the background when a new flake id is requested from the cluster. Should be in the range 1..100000. By default, set to 100.

prefetchValidityMillis?: number

Defines for how long the pre-fetched IDs can be used. If this time elapsed, a new batch of IDs will be fetched. Time unit is milliseconds. By default, set to 600000 (10 minutes).

The IDs contain timestamp component, which ensures rough global ordering of IDs. If an ID is assigned to an object that was created much later, it will be much out of order. If you don't care about ordering, set this value to 0 for unlimited ID validity.

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