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Network configuration.


  • ClientNetworkConfig



clusterMembers?: string[]

Array of member candidate addresses that client will use to establish initial connection. By default, set to [''].

connectionTimeout?: number

Timeout value in milliseconds for nodes to accept client connection requests. By default, set to 5000.

hazelcastCloud?: ClientCloudConfig

Hazelcast Cloud configuration to let the client connect the cluster in cloud.

redoOperation?: boolean

When set to true, the client will redo the operations that were executing on the server in case if the client lost connection. This can happen because of network problems, or simply because the member died. However, it is not clear whether the operation was performed or not. For idempotent operations this is harmless, but for non-idempotent ones retrying can cause to undesirable effects. Note that the redo can be processed on any member.

By default, set to false.

smartRouting?: boolean

Enables smart mode for the client instead of unisocket client. Smart clients send key based operations to owner of the keys. Unisocket clients send all operations to a single node. By default, set to true.

ssl?: SSLConfig

SSL configuration.

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