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Near Cache configuration to be used by the client for the specified IMap.


  • NearCacheConfig



evictionMaxSize?: number

Defines maximum number of entries kept in the memory before eviction kicks in. By default, set to Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER.

evictionPolicy?: EvictionPolicy

Defines eviction policy configuration. Available values are LRU, LFU, NONE and RANDOM. By default, set to LRU.

evictionSamplingCount?: number

Number of random entries that are evaluated to see if some of them are already expired. By default, set to 8.

evictionSamplingPoolSize?: number

Size of the pool for eviction candidates. The pool is kept sorted according to the eviction policy. By default, set to 16.

inMemoryFormat?: InMemoryFormat

Specifies in which format data will be stored in the Near Cache. Available values are OBJECT and BINARY. By default, set to BINARY.

invalidateOnChange?: boolean

Enables cluster-assisted invalidate on change behavior. When set to true, entries are invalidated when they are changed in the cluster. By default, set to true.

maxIdleSeconds?: number

Maximum number of seconds that an entry can stay in the Near Cache until it is accessed. By default, set to 0.

timeToLiveSeconds?: number

Maximum number of seconds that an entry can stay in the cache. By default, set to 0.

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