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A row in an SqlResult.

If you set SqlStatementOptions.returnRawResult to true, SqlRow objects will be returned. Otherwise, you will get regular JavaScript objects where keys are column names and values are values in the SQL row.

Values in an SqlRow deserialized lazily. If there is an SqlColumnType.OBJECT field in the result that can't be deserialized, it is advised to set the option SqlStatementOptions.returnRawResult to false while running the query. Otherwise, since you will get a regular JSON object, values will be tried to be deserialized; and you may get a serialization error.


  • SqlRow



  • Get row metadata of this row.

    Returns SqlRowMetadata

    row metadata

  • getObject<T>(columnNameOrIndex: string | number): T
  • Gets the value of the column by column index or column name. The class of the returned value depends on the SQL type of the column. See SqlColumnType

    Warning: Each call to this method might result in deserialization if the column type for this object is SqlColumnType.OBJECT. It is advised to assign the result of this method call to some variable and reuse it to avoid deserializing twice.


    IllegalArgumentError if columnNameOrIndex is string and column specified with name does not exist


    IllegalArgumentError if columnNameOrIndex is not string or number


    HazelcastSqlException If the object cannot be deserialized.

    Type Parameters

    • T


    • columnNameOrIndex: string | number

      Column name or index

    Returns T

    value in specified column of this row, or undefined if there is no value at the provided index.

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